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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have become a cornerstone for businesses seeking agility, cost efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. At Technet Resources Inc, we specialize in providing robust SaaS testing services that ensure your applications are not only functional but also secure, scalable, and aligned with your business objectives.

One Solution For All Your Testing Needs

A unique single-platform approach to handle ALM, Test Management, and Automation. Reduce your time to market, and increase your R.O.I. Give your company the quality and speed it truly deserves.

Performance and Scalability

Ensure that your application can handle the expected load and perform optimally under stress conditions.


Address vulnerabilities that could lead to data breaches and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


Verify that your application works seamlessly across different environments and platforms.

Functional Accuracy

Ensure that all features function according to specifications and meet user expectations.

Our SaaS Testing Approach


Comprehensive Test Planning

We develop a detailed test strategy based on your application’s architecture and business requirements, ensuring all critical aspects are covered.


Automated and Manual Testing

Utilizing a blend of automated tools and manual testing techniques, we provide thorough coverage that maximizes efficiency and accuracy.


Performance Testing

We simulate various usage and scalability scenarios to identify potential bottlenecks and optimize performance.


Security Assessments

Our security experts conduct rigorous assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring your application’s integrity.


Continous Integration and Delivery

We integrate testing into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that every release is as robust as possible.


User Acceptance Testing

We help you engage with real users to ensure the application meets their needs and expectations before going live.

Solution – SimplifyQA

SimplifyQA is an advanced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool with integrated test automation features. This powerful platform supports automated testing for a wide range of applications including Web, API, Database, Mainframe, Desktop, and Mobile. Designed to streamline testing processes in Agile and DevOps environments, SimplifyQA offers a user-friendly interface that boosts productivity without the need for complex scripting languages. By leveraging cutting-edge functional testing technologies, SimplifyQA uncovers hidden aspects of testing to enhance the overall quality assurance process.

No Code / Low Code

Scriptless automation feature enables testers to automate tests without the need for programming knowledge, streamlining the testing process and saving valuable time and effort.

Automate Any Tech

Supports a wide range of automation types, including Mobile (Android/iOS), Web, Desktop, Mainframe, API, and DB testing providing users with diverse options to suit their testing requirements and ensure efficient and comprehensive testing.

Cloud Execution

Allows users to execute tests on cloud infrastructure without setup effort providing scalable and cost effective testing solutions that ensure testing across multiple environments and platforms.

Auto Creation of Defects

Enables users to automatically create defect reports based on test results, streamlining the bug reporting process and enhancing the overall testing experience.

Requirement Traceability Matrix

Allows users to track the progress of test case development and defect reporting against specific requirements or user stories and visualise the flow of events from defining the initiative to al the way down to level of defects.

Develop Test Case Once

Both manual and automated tests can be run using test cases that have already been prepared. Automated test execution requires a test data population for al parameters involved.

Version Control

Enables users to manage and track changes made to tests, ensuring comprehensive testing with bug fixes, new features and updates.

Parallel Execution

Enables users to execute tests in parallel across multiple devices, browsers, and platforms, ensuring comprehensive and efficient testing.

Dashboard and Execution Reports

Provides users with an executive overview of project and release status, alowing for quick easy and monitoring along with actionable insights that improve the overal testing process.

Built-in integration with third-party tools

Enables seamless integration and collaboration and improves testing efficiency, enhancing the overall testing experience.

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